A Nonprofit Booking and Management Agency for the Live Performing Arts

For the Community

GLPAA Offers 3 Community Programs

Through our educational programs for school aged children, GLPAA hopes to cultivate and inspire the artists and audiences of the future. Our low cost Neighborhood and Livestream Concerts help to make the performing arts more accessible to underserved communities and more diverse audiences.

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More Than Just Typical Concerts

Our Special Programs

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CARAVANS: GLPAA brings the performing arts to students all year round

We perform in school settings, after school programs and camps.


Through performance discussions, master classes, chamber music coaching sessions, and side-by-side performance opportunities, our artists bring unique performing arts experiences to students. We are dedicated to providing these programs at little or no cost to the students and these programs are often funded by grants from local community organizations.

NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERTS: Bring an artist to your neighborhood

Host a private concert with your friends and neighbors.


Schedule one of our artists on a date and time of your choice to perform a live, in-person, hour-long performance at your neighborhood, community, center, family gathering, or other personal event. Encourage your friends, colleagues and neighbors to attend and to give what they can to support the artists. Donating is as easy as texting through your mobile device.

LIVESTREAM AN ARTIST: Need a performance for an online event?

Livestream a performance to your guests.


An artist can livestream from their home studio directly to your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch account. We set up the stream, along with a paywall for tickets, you take care of marketing to your customers. Or we’ll send the artist to your venue, where you would use your sound and video production team to livestream directly from your venue to your online audiences.

CARAVAN Programs

Assemblies, Masterclasses, Workshops, and Residencies for Youth


What Schools Are Saying

“The students of the Tecumseh Schools Orchestra Program truly enjoyed working with Westbound Situation! In addition to having the opportunity to share the stage with Westbound Situation, the students particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with the musicians in our workshops, learning more about the music business from them, and getting to see, hear, and learn about the nyckelharpa. Thank you again for all of your help in securing the artists and all of the grant funds to help this event happen!”

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Amy Marr, Orchestra Director, Tecumseh Public Schools

“The students at Saline High School were wowed by the abilities of Westbound Situation and found the musicians relatable. My colleagues from the Band and Choir were equally wowed at the level of the clinic and the concepts of time and groove that Jacob and Grant were able to share with a large group. The students in the rehearsal and workshop were eager to jump in and join in the groove exercise and were even eager to apply the ideas presented in the workshop to our class repertoire in the following weeks. Everyone was encouraged and included.  The audience was receptive to the expression and groove that Westbound Situation provided.  It was good for the audience to be exposed to such a high level of artistic playing. I hope they will continue to be curious about great music. Everyone left happy.”


Matthew Briere , Orchestra Director, Saline High School

“We loved the presentation and it was a deeply delightful experience.”

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Abby Alwin, Orchestra Director, Claugue Middle School

“That was amazing! They helped us widen our horizons.”


Ann Arbor Public Schools

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About Us

GLPPA: A Resource Like No Other

GLPAA represents talented artists who live and work in the Great Lakes region. GLPAA books high caliber artists at affordable fees to regional presenters. GLPAA also seeks to bring educational programs to underserved communities hoping to both cultivate and inspire the audiences of the future. The National Endowment for the Arts described GLPAA as “a resource unlike any other.”